Experience Pack

Experience Pack

The Experience Pack registrations are now open!

With the younger fans in mind, Millennium Estoril Open is bringing back the Experience Pack for all schools and clubs who wish to visit the tournament. All registered “athletes” will have access to:

  • A guided tour around the venue
  • Talks with multiples guests from the “tennis world”
  • Free pass to play Federação Portuguesa de Ténis’ tennis clinics with professional players from the main draw and some of the national next gen
  • Access to Millennium Stadium

And on top of this, a gift pack!


10 - April 01 and 02

15€ - April 03 to 06

For kids within 6 to 16 years old

For each 10 registrations, 1 free ticket to the teacher/monitor



Fill this form or sending an email to escola@millenniumestorilopen.com

Extra info:

The school/club is fully responsible for all students monitoring

In case of school delay on the arrival, it might not be possible to guarantee the full Experience Pack activities.

Food Court (Pátio do Estoril) is exclusive to Millennium Estoril Open visitors who purchase their meals in the restaurants. Lunch time should be in the picnic area.